Harry Scott

Harry and Lil met during their studies at Falmouth University where they lived and worked together. They’ve been collaborating ever since as close friends.

Instagram –@harryscottdance

About Harry

Harry completed his training at Falmouth University, graduating in 2016 with First Class Honours in Dance & Performance.

Professionally he has performed across southern England and internationally in works by FUSE & Alleyne Dance, Exim Dance Company, Spindrift Dance Company, Alats Dance Circus and Callous Affection Dance, as well as working on an array of collaborative dance films and music videos for Bakani Pick-Up Company, Grace Lightman and Dan Bao, among others.

He has shown choreographic work (both independent and collaborative) at Sallis Benney Theatre (Brighton), Theatre Royal (Plymouth) and Barbican Theatre (Plymouth). Most recently he has co-founded multidisciplinary arts collective INTER Movement Research. ​ As a teacher Harry has lead classes and workshops for organisations and community groups, including Sussex Dance Network, Plymouth University, The Barbican Theatre and Exim Dance Company.

Harry will support Lil in curating upcoming shows in 2021. Lilian will also help him undergo Research and development for his latest project.